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Just took the ANCC and passed. I was really disappointed with their application process and the time it took to get a test date!! Horrible customer service! The exam was exactly like I read in the forums. No way to really study for the test at all. Just diversify everything possible like ethics and theory and research. I was so frustrated before the test I applied to AANP and heard very quickly. Hence I'm taking their exam next week. I'm looking forward to see their exam style versus ANCC. I wish I had only applied to one but my patience was short and I didn't like what I was reading about the ANCC. Also one must consider that recertification should be a smooth process. In 5 years if ANCC gives me the run around I have another option!! I'm glad I passed it though and wish everyone luck who is sitting for that exam. Be optimistic with positive thoughts!

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Congratulations on passing!

I did two ANCC exams (only certifying board for CNSs) and both were pretty smooth.

thank you TraumaRUs! I took the AANP today and passed it also. I have to admit that I did have a bad experience with ANCC so my opinion/review of them is tainted, but its honest and for what its worth, i just hope that anyone looking into which exam to take has an opinion to go by...I was looking into it at first and had decided on ANCC because my school really pushed it and it seemed like it was what everyone else was doing. Alls I did was apply and after waiting at least 2 months, I decided to apply to AANP as well. Well the AANP were alot more personal when I called them with questions, they really seemed to know whats going on with their applicants status and seem to care more. The ANCC lost my school verification form (after a few other issues) and I felt like they were almost pushing my buttons..The first time I called my application was in for 2 months, the lady seen that and gave me to a supervisor.(I didnt ask for a supervisor) but anyways, it seems like they intentionally made life hard after that call, and i was very nice to them! It is what it is. Bottom line is I applied to AANP and had an exam date within a few weeks!! After experiencing both tests, I can honestly say that the AANP was more clinically based and I feel a fair exam of knowledge that we expected to be on it! Nothing more nothing less. I golfed for 5 days in a row propr to it and didnt sweat abead while taking it! With that said, it was a fair test, just more clinically based. I felt ANCC was more "nursey" type psychiatric and thats ok, but not my forte. Im just glad I have options at recertification time, if I get treated even close to the way I did from ANCC next time, ill let the license lapse and continue to recert with AANP! Im truly glad that their are options for everyone out there, without them, you take what you get and like it :) Just my opinion!

Specializes in Nephrology, Cardiology, ER, ICU.

Well, congrats on passing. are right, if you have a bad customer service experience with a company, it taints everything else.

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