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I am in my second week of lab and today, we were practicing baseline assesment, and my instructor told me to find the second intercostal below the menubrium and I was like "HUH????". It has been over a year and a half since my last anatomy class and even though I NOW know exactly what she was talking about, I realize I need a good refresher. I have my old A&P book, seventh addition by Marieb, and I remember that the website with the book had some GREAT diagrams of the skeletal system and what not but I do not have my password.

So I was wondering if anyone had some links to some really good diagrams of the skeletal, muscle, gastrointestinal systems ect. I feel that if I just review those, all of the old info will start clicking again.

Also... I was wondering if any graduates or second year students felt immediatly like they could not hack it in the program. I am feeling this way but I KNOW nursing is for me and I KNOW I can and will get through it but the lab is just so intimidating. Is this normal to feel this way and if any of you did how did you deal with it? For me, i just practicepracticepractice until I am confidient in what I am doing


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Two sites I like:

For the second site, click on the fifth edition of the textbook. Then click on the Student Edition of the page you reach. Finally click on Essential Study Partner. Lots of terrific review activities.

Also on the Saladin-related site, you'll find a place where you can select review activities tied to his chapter layout. The Interactive Art Quizzes are especially helpful to me: drag the right name over to the matching bone, muscle, organ, etc.

Good luck!



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I can tell you that (well, this may just be me) I was just as overwhelmed as you are! I was a CNA for several years and thought that I was overprepared for nursing school, but nursing school is just a totally different environment than anyone can prepare for. The terms and language that is used takes some time to get used to; even when the concept is simple, it seems very complicated because of the complexity of the terminology and language.

As for the review, check out the publisher's website for your book. My A&P book for pre-nursing and nursing was through Elsevier.

Hope this helps,

Amber N

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