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:confused: I have until June to study and review for an AP review test. I am trying to get credit for this class. I have the book I used a few years ago, but then I bought the book the local college uses for AP. I have to say that this book is sooo much more detailed. My question how do I learn all this new stuff( the new book comes with a work book) I have been going chapter by chapter, or should I just take the class again? Any advice would be appreciated. ( my advisor said the test is from NLN)




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Just wanted to add that I attended an technical school for my LPN, here they are using Holes anatomy & Physiology.( book is 3 times bigger than the Tech schools version)



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You took A&P before? Can you audit the class?


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The college here only offers the class once every couple of semesters> It is not offered again until the fall. I have to complete the test before then. I purchased a coloring book to help with memory. I have been getting up early every morning and trying to do the reading, workbook and using the books web site (offers tests & study sheets) There is just so much info to go through. Time iss going by pretty fast. I am on CH. 7and there is 24 chapters in the book. ugh!!!

Specializes in LTC/Peds/ICU/PACU/CDI. might have a difficult time in passing it because college level a&p i&ii lecture is quite hard due to the amount of material & the level of complexity of the subject. :eek: a&p i&ii usually has the benefit of the accompanying

lab & it's workbook which will help you to put the pieces's like hands-on for the didactic portion.

on the other hand, you just might be able to pass the clep exam & you'll won't think about it, a&p that is, least until you'll have to refer back to it on the job. :wink2: if you're that uncomfortable, i recommend that you take the college won't pay to cut corners, besides, it sounds like you're not so sure of yourself with this cleping this subject out. :specs:

any rate, good luck to which ever decision you choose to make. :kiss


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Hole's is a great book, that's what we used at my school, but I still feel that in 2 semesters we just barely skimmed the surface. Good luck in whatever you decide. Hey, you can always take the test, then if for some reason you don't pass you can always take the class.


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Can you get a syllabus from the A&P instructor's at your school? That may give you some direction. You may also want to talk to someone (in counseling maybe?) that knows about this test and can tell you what to expect.

Good luck!


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