Anatomy or Physio harder...taking seperate.

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I am due to take anatomy/physio next semester, but don't know which I should take first. At my JC they are seperate classes. Which was harder/easier for you? I think I will enjoy both, but would like to take the easiest first since I will have a newborn. I am due dec 13th and classes begin Jan 18th. Thanks.

In my school anatomy and physiology were two separate classes as well, but one had to complete anatomy before they could take physiology.

Anyways, it all depends on you. I am extremely good at memorizing so anatomy was a cake walk for me. It was time consuming and even tedious at times, but easy all in all.

Physiology, on the other hand, is actually learning and putting things together. You're basically taking what you memorized in anatomy and learning how they work....down to the molecular level. DEATH. There's no memorizing in physiology. You know it or you don't and everything links together into a bigger picture. You NEED to know the material before you can move on because what you learned in a previous chapter will be a fundamental aspect for the next..and so forth.

But that's just me. I had friends who were the opposite. They did better in physiology than anatomy. So, it boils down to whether you're better at memorizing or actually learning and teaching yourself systems on a molecular level.

It is important to take Anatomy first. You should know where it is before you know what it does.

Thank you for your responses. I also figured Anatomy would be easier to take before Physiology. Do you think it would be okay and not too overwhelming to take and online Nutrition class, which is only 2 months and an online Sociology class? I figure since the 2 are on line and are co-req's it may be easier. Plus, I am trying to get as much done without setting myself up for failure, as possible. I think it's do-able. I won't be working for this coming semester either which is also going to make things easier.

Online classes aren't easier per-say, but they do give you some slack to work with as far you schedule works out. It's important to be self disciplined if you decide to take online courses. I've had online classes that required very little work and other online classes that had me glued to the computer for hours. This is when self discipline comes in handy because then you won't be tempted to..I don't know..have a tab open for Facebook and another for Allnurses. lol

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