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Anatomy II and Chemistry I together??


I am creating my degree plan and I am trying to finish in a good amount of time without overwhelming myself. I have been able to take one hard science course per semester, but my next three semesters I will have to join some hard classes together to finish within two years. My question is, will it be doable to take Anatomy and physiology II with Intro to chemistry I together in the same semester? I would just be taking though two courses plus a government course online. I am trying to get All A's or high B's in the math and science courses so I have a better chance of getting into a school I want.

I don't see why you couldn't. I've taken two science classes together and while it was a lot of work, it wasn't overly difficult.

Good luck to you!

I agree with Jen that it is doable. I did not find chemistry to be particularly challenging because I had a strong chemistry background from high school that managed to stay with me over the years. Something that I would recommend to get you ahead of the game and to take off some of the pressure would be to grab a "Chemistry for Dummies" and go over some of the material on your own before taking the course. Try to get ahold of a syllabus with a professor you may take to get an idea of the topics you will be covering. You may also want to consider taking one of the courses during a winter or summer semester if they are offered. The pace will be much faster, but doable (more so for Chemistry than A&P II). I will say that I did see some basic chemistry concepts in the first semester of A&P. The sciences are interconnected and taking some of the introductory courses will help to build a solid foundation.