ANA Welcomes Laurie Badzek as Director for the Center Of Ethics and Human Rights

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The American Nurses Association is happy to announce the return of Laurie Badzek as director for the Center of Ethics and Human Rights, a role in which she previously served from 1998-1999. During that time, Badzek was instrumental in developing a plan that ultimately resulted in the approval of a new Code of Ethics for Nurses by the 2001 House of Delegates. Currently a tenured, full professor at the West Virginia University School of Nursing, Badzek, a nurse attorney, teaches nursing, ethics, law and health policy. Having practiced in a variety of nursing and law positions, she is an active researcher, investigating ethical and legal health care issues. Her current research interests include patient and family decision-making, nutraceutical use, mature minors and professional health care ethics. Her research has been published in nursing, medical and communication studies journals including the Journal of Nursing Law, Nephrology Nursing Journal, the Annals of Internal Medicine, Journal of Palliative Care, and Health Communication. "Laurie has a rich, accomplished background in ethics and health policy and we're fortunate to have her back at the ANA," said Linda Stierle, ANA Chief Executive Officer. "The profession and its members continue to face a growing number of ethical dilemmas and Laurie's expertise will help ANA stay on the vanguard of this important work."

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