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Hello. I am a new member to the ANA and my state organization. I wanted to get involved on the political side and was reading info. on the ANA Political Action Committee. I went to the website listed for the political action committee and have NO IDEA what to click on. Does anyone know HOW to get involved in this part of the ANA???? :idea:

THANKS!!! :nurse:

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nope, I do it from a state level only as I do not agree with a lot that ANA puts out. HOWEVER, they are responsive if you give them a call.

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Sorry, gave up on the ANA long ago. They seemed so self absobed they forgot about frontline nurses. In addition to the ANA I'd suggest you follow NNU, National Nurses United. It's a union picking up momentum rapidly coast to coast and they DO represent the needs of those of us in the trenches. In any case, good luck, hope you're able to make change for the better.


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Thank you!! :)

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Agree with the poster above, NNU gets things done.