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ANA of New York BS in TEN!

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It is to my knowledge that legislation has been passed that would require all New York registered nurses who were licensed after 2017 to obtain their BSN within 10 years (by 2027). From a past email, involving BS in TEN, the New York State Chapter of ANA spear-headed the movement urging many to call/email/harass the NYS Senate immediately in order to influence bill approval.

In light of recent events (Covid Crisis), does the following statement still hold true? "The nurse of the future will increasingly need to be ready to manage the complex and varied needs of patients in NYS." It is 2020.

Should all ADN/diploma prepared nurses go home and collect their stimulus check/unemployment while the BSNs handle the Covid Crisis?

Because from what I'm witnessing in the medical community, Covid patients can be complex and have varied needs.

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