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hi. i live in the southern california area and I was trying to find a school that offered a&p II over the summer. I'm trying to apply to the sdsu bsn program but I still have to get a&p II and ochem done before I apply to get the points for their point system. An A in each class is 10 pts. The lady I spoke to said that this last admissions the last person to get in had aa 68 out of 77 points. If I don't get both of those classes done i can't get into spring 08 class. i know grossmont offered a&p II last summer. any other places?

and yes..i know it's crazy to take those two classes over the summer together..if not impossible but i really need to get them done and i am a full time student and will be able to focus solely on those classes. i'm more than willing to not have a life for 2 months just to get into the spring 08 program.


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I do not live in California, I live all the way accross the US from you. therefore I do not know of any schools to recommend in your area. I DID however, take A&PII over the summer prior to admission to my nursing program. I took another class while I did it and I work fulltime as well. I graduate from my ADN program in May. It can be done. It's hard, sure, but you seem to have your priorities straight. Just wanted to say best of luck and don't accept comments about how insane that is. It's not.

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