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Hey all,

I've recently inherited the MDS Coordinator position within my facility & luckily I'm not stuck in 2.0 mindset as some of the these other people so I'm basically learning MDS through the 3.0. My question is, was using the Casper Report System a nationwide change for LTC facilities? Also, I've downloaded the Casper User Manual (because I have no idea how to navigate around or gather my final verifications) but is there any other sources for some guidance through this mess?

I went to the 3.0 training last month & I would certainly like to fill out their "How Did We Do" Survey NOW after seeing what a mess this new process is. Nothing was addressed about 27 page Discharges or anything about using Casper (as we didn't previously).... What a headache!

Appreciate any help/support!

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i don't know if it's nationwide, but the QI,QM reports in our state won't be available until sometime next year.

they were having such problems with casper which is what we use to transmit 3.0 assessments, that we were told to go ahead and transmit, but keep a log and go back in for validation reports. today we were told NOT to transmit any 3.0 assessments. i guess we'll all learn together. the reports we're difficult to pull up and print once you did it a couple of times.

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