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I've long passed my NCLEX, but have only a ADN (Associates Degree) which here is really three years crammed into one. I also have a BS/Chemistry; a BS/Safety Studies. I've worked Medical/Surgical, and Adult ICU in a major tertiary care hospital. Currently I'm RN Nurse Manager for a small clinic at GM (General Motors). I practice Occupational & Environmental Nursing and will have the COHN-S cert in a few months.

I'd love to spend some years in the Phils as a student but frankly, I think I could teach most of the first two years of a BSN. Are there colleges who will work with a person to either move to a MSN, or finish a BSN then MSN. Or would I be required to take over all the courses that I have already taken and be very, very bored for two years.

Ultimately I'd like to do global Occupational Health.

I don't like big cities. Manila seems way too big for my tastes. I'd like one of the twenty or so top schools, and would prefer a sweet, small city, with sweet people, preferably one where I don't have to live in fear of being kidnapped by rebels. To me (though I may be wrong) GenSan and Angeles Cities seem scary while Davao seems to be very nice.

I'd like to live there, and experience Filipino culture and people first hand and being single well... that could be a plus also...

It is ironic that with my experience I would never be allowed to practice there, or teach, but such is life.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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There are only a couple of universities out of the entire country that even offer the MSN; but they do not meet the requirements for advanced practice nursing in the US if that is what your goal is. And they are only offered in the largest cities as well.

Their programs are also not geared to take someone that has completed the ADN in the US to continue on for the BSN, so you will be repeating much of your work.

You would be much further ahead to just look at some of the bridge programs that we have available here that can be done on-line, such as University of Phoenix; and then travel or live where ever you want while you are completing the program.

I would most definitely do things this way. Best of luck to you.


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hi! youre lucky to have some of that options...but 1st id like to know if your particular with the kind of school. i am from the north part of the Phils but i could suggest a peaceful place with no kidnappers of course...try Tagbilaran, Bohol, there are a lot of foreingners there i am sure you will not be out of place...people there a good and peace loving. a certain area that is really outstanding is Tubigon...try to google it over...i hope this helped of luck...

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