American Nurse Heroes Television Premieres June 24th, 2021

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American Nurse Journal March 6th, 2021 edition features Nurse heroes of the Pandemic.    Their stories are now part of history to document our experiences, dedication and innovation in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic and the effect on the American healthcare system.  Karen

American Nurse Heroes Television Premiere




As we continue the fight against the defining healthcare crisis in modern history, HCM and the American Nurses Association proudly announce the debut of the American Nurse Heroes TV program, premiering June 24 on the Discovery Life channel.

..American Nurse Heroes will highlight innovative solutions nurses have created during this unprecedented time. From vaccine distribution to unique circumstances within the public health system and schools, nurses share challenges they have faced while exhibiting the highest level of professionalism. “The men and women featured in the “American Nurse Heroes” TV special set the bar for nursing excellence and embody what makes nursing the most trusted profession in the U.S.” said Greg Osborne, Founder and President of HealthCom Media. The company publishes American Nurse Journal, the official journal of the ANA....

WORLD PREMIERE:  Discovery Life channel

­Thursday, June 24-8pm
Friday, June 25-12am

Saturday, June 26 10am
on Destination America

Saturday, June 26 11am
on the American Heroes Channel

Saturday, June 26  NBC Network
NBC LX National Digital Net: 12-1p
NBC New York: 12-1p
NBC Chicago: 11a-12p
NBC Philadelphia: 12-1p
NBC DC: 12-1p

Sunday, June 27
NBC Dallas: 10-11a

View their individual Nurse Spotlight  shared stories and in-depth accounts of how the COVID-19 Pandemic has impacted nurses and the healthcare industry.

The American Nurse Heroes Supplement is available for

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I haven't started watching this. I wonder if it is as cool as the title.

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