American with foreign BSN - - how do I work in NYC?

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I've looked through a lot of posts and I can't figure out where the best place to post this is. I'm an American citizen (so sponsorship or immigration isn't an issue) and was planning to come back stateside to start a direct entry DNP program next year. However, due to coronavirus, it makes more sense for my family to stay in Thailand for another 1-3 years. I'm considering doing my BSN in Thailand, transferring the license to NYC and finishing my MSN/DNP stateside. I've already emailed the NYS department that handles licensure but apparently it's a long wait time for a response. Does anyone know how hard it is to get an RN license in NY with foreign education? I know I'll have to have my transcripts evaluated and pass the NCLEX. On some sites I've read I also need 2000 work hours abroad to begin work in the US. Does anyone know if that's true for American citizens? Also, will any schools in NY accept a foreign educated student to their MSN/DNP programs? Any help or links would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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It isn’t true about needing work hours to register as nurse in the US many foreign nurses do it without experience. There are 2 ways to register with NY BON just look on their website for initial registration with exam and look for requirements for nurses trained outside the US