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American with Canadian BScN degree -> NY (USA) CGFNS questions

by sajeunesse sajeunesse (New) New Nurse Student

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Hi all,

I am graduating May 2021 with my BScN degree. I am an American citizen, but my degree will be from a Quebec university (Canada), thus ineligible for the accelerated process. I'm from MA but interested in practicing in New York State (NYC specifically). I have questions about the process regarding CGFNS and the RN Application on NYS.

Registered Nurse Application - it asks for a CGFNS ID. However, I have not completed my order yet because I do not have the registration document I mention below (I am assuming this is what they want).

1) Where do I get the CGFNS ID? I only have an order number

2) Do I have to wait until I'm approved for graduation to do this application?

3) Should I wait to do the child abuse/IPC certifications until graduation?

CGFNS - CGFNS asks for a professional license/registration document.

1) How do I receive this - if it is the registered nurse application for NYS, then how do I receive the document when I don't have a CGFNS ID? (I only have CGFNS order number)

2) What is this registration document?

3) Do I have to wait until I have approval to graduate to do this process?

hypnotizer90, BSN, RN

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1. Once you paid the application then that's the time you will get CGFNS ID.

2. Once you are done with your BScN, you will take Quebec's national exam and pass it then apply for registration in Quebec and that will be you professional license/ registration document. I am not familiar if you're able to endorse your Quebec RN registration to the State. (I did endorse my Ontario registration to Michigan/Maine).

3. Yes, you will need to graduate first. Most State Board will require that your BScN transcript has completion date.

4. Do you know if you need to take NCLEX?