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amedisys, has anyone worked for this company

I'm an LPN and recently interviewed at a Company call Amedisys Central home care, for a full time position in atlanta. I'm wondering, if anyone knows, is it a good company to work for?

take a look at Amedisys in the forums on indeed dot com. Your eyes will be opened. All the experiences are true.

Valerie Salva, BSN, RN

Has 19 years experience.


The results were startling. These are some points that were consistently reported by former employees:

  • Amedisys pressured employees to manipulate OASIS scores in order to increase billings
  • Local offices would receive calls from headquarters to influence the scores on Medicare patients. (to justify higher billing)
  • According to one former management employee, who left the company in 2008 and was interviewed on August 4th : “Our old receivables were real high and were a real mess. But no one at corporate would let us try and straighten up the mess. The billing system is set up for failure and there are no checks and balances. “

Of equivalent concern was the consistency of these findings. Our survey didn’t find any former employees who didn’t mirror these concerns in their interview.

Citron wants to emphasize that it is not yet concluding that Amedisys is committing Medicare fraud, but there are many indications that this inquiry needs deeper scrutiny. (Further documentation is anticipated.) Due to these concerns, Amedisys’s near total dependence upon Medicare for its revenues has to be factored as a business risk.

So Why Now?

Because Amedisys is a roll up strategy, there are an increasing number of former employees who know the workings of the company.



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Currently work for one of the branches near Atlanta. Best I can say about it is if you like home health you MIGHT like them. I am moving to another state and don't plan to return to home health so it becomes a moot point but the other replies are generally accurate. We have had a big turnover at my location for various reasons. There is a bit of pressure to do lot of visits and you are not often involved in the decision making process. Seems to be lot of emphasis on "wording" during assessments and documentation. Never been ordered to change anything but you sometimes feel that is what they are hinting for you to do. Have been contacted by the QCC coordinator and asked it she can change it to something else.

Teamwork and organization seems to be lacking in my opinion, although I have met some great people, management does not seem to be extremely supportive. Since this was my first home health stint it was quite a rude awakening. You do have to enjoy doing a lot of the work independently and without any help from superiors at times. I found that it was not for me. Some of the concerns are inherent with nursing in general but feel that the mentality of this company were not for me at this stage of my life. Good luck with your decision.

Ed Powers

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