Very interested in clinic nursing (N.E. Ohio Area) Advice?!

  1. Hello! am interested in outpatient, clinic, and office setting nursing. Pay isn't everything to me, for understand I may be taking a pay cut. I am an RN in the greater Cleveland area. I was looking for advice to get started or if any users on this site are office nurses in this area that could offer some tips or any negative advice please Thanks!
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  3. by   yhl1975
    I will be positive,because if " pay isn't everything and understand a pay cut".
    I work in NY Bronx area,we have 10 doctors and 4-5 Medical Assistants.(they do mostly blood work)
    I am the only RN (12 years of experience and Master in Nursing) and doctors need me 15 hours a week.Most of the work the doctors do by themselves.The doctors took me only because they did not found PA for a part time,once they will find the PA,I think they will not need me any more. I am giving allergy infractions and 2 other doctors do it themselves without nurse.

    You have to be open mind for every clinic and be positive.
    Good Luck!!
  4. by   shortscrubbs108
    Hi, I am an LPN in Mo. I love my clinic job! Even as an lpn, the pay difference is significant but its worth it to me. I work in pulm, we have 7 docs who each have their own nurse or MA, its up to the dr if they specifically want a nurse. I room patients, vs, triage phonecalls, call in refills, once in a while ekg. We have a lab a radiology dept, so I don't do labs. I am working on getting my RN, and plan to stay with the clinic after I do. My biggest tips--as a clinic nurse, communication is a big key. You have to communicate effectively with the patients, docs, co-workers, pharmacies and other depts. And organization is a necessity as there is a lot of paperwork and phonecalls to keep up with.
    Good luck, clinic/office nursing is great!