Verbal order

  1. Hi!
    What do we know about verbal/telephone orders
    1. Do they need to be co-signed by the practitioner who ordered?
    2. What type of orders can or can not be given via verbal order to an RN for signature. examples: standing order for diabetic supplies, eval & treat PT, orders for home health. All orders are either part of a standing orders protocol, or, if not than directly discussed with the provider. The question remains - would you initial or sign on it?

    Oy... I wish it would have been straight forward. maybe it is
    Any information is well appreciated, thanks in advance!
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  3. by   ?burntout
    Your facility should have a P&P on the time-frame when verbal/telephone orders are co-signed by the physician: usually 24-48 hours.

    Most facilities will have guidelines about acceptable/non-acceptable verbal orders. At the last facility I worked at, we could not take a verbal or telephone order for DNR under any circumstance. If the physician couldn't come to the hospital to write the DNR order, it could be faxed after being notarized-it's been a couple of years since I've worked there and can't remember 100%. A lot of facilities are cracking down on verbal orders due to issues of misunderstanding and only allow them in an emergency for meds, procedures, etc.

    I have written many telephone orders in my time and when I've gotten a "verbal order" from a doc that is standing there talking to his golfing buddy or whatever and it clearly wasn't an emergency, I'd ever so sweetly ask them to co-sign right then and there or ask them to write and remind them of the policy.