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  1. Hi all, looking for some comments/suggestions/helpful advice:

    I'm an ER nurse and am looking into a VA hospital for employment. I just mailed off the VA Packet (which is intense!) and received a phonecall the next day! I will be doing a phone interview with the manager, director, and a staff nurse tomorrow. My question is, being a VA hospital, what differences and similarities can I expect in a nursing interview? Would I expect behavioral and performance-based questions, as most other hospitals? I was in the military, so I'm expecting some appreciation for that kind of thinking - are many staff employees in a VA hospital active duty? My other question is, once you have applied for a job posting, do you have to refile and resend that huge packet for other openings to the same VA hospital? Since this is my move to the VA, I want to be informed with the process.

    Thanks - I posted to the Ambulatory care nursing section because this job is in PACU - wondering from you all what kinds of questions would be asked regarding this speciality, since I'm in the ER and not so readily familiar with the PACU process.

    Thanks a bunch.

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    guess not so much response/input out there on this topic - I have prepared myself with questions, based on behavior and performance-based standard questions.... so that should work! Thanks anyway (perhaps this was posted in the wrong area....)