Prior Auth mania

  1. I am actually responding to an intertesting thread that got buried within a thread

    The statement about PA... I am in total agreement .....

    Also My Doc is getting so fed up .. he is starting to tell the patients that their insurance is requiring to much extra work and therefore they can have samples (if we have them ) or pay out of pocket

    We are a small office and I do not have the time for PA...

    Another question..once you dance the dance, and jump through the hoops, Do you usually get the meds authorized?

    I have been about 80% successful with the ones I attempted.
    ( NO one is paying for Wellbutrin)

    Which meds are you getting authorized?

    loooking forward to your response!!

    Joy and Smiles * Darla
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    I get good success with Allegra/Zyrtec IF the pt has tried OTC claritin and failed.

    Vioxx - forget it unless the pt had all but burned a hole is his stomach from 800 mg ibuprofen tid.

    Wellbutrin for smoking cessation - not yet.

    Those are my most common ones.

    Edited to add: I deal with some plans that won't cover ANY allergy or asthman meds. It's awful telling that to someone who thinks advair is the wonder drug but who can't afford the $120/diskus charge.