Outpatient Surgery Nursing Care Plans

  1. Does anyone have a realistic, workable nursing care plan for the outpatient ambulatory surgery setting?
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  3. by   jaquar
    We use standards of care instead of care plans.
  4. by   chartleypj

    Have you looked at any literature from The Association Of Operating Room Nurses (AORN.org)? Both their standards of care plus proposed recommended practices of care for patients in the perioperative setting are wonderful guidelines.

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  5. by   haywire
    new request - post-op care plan for dental surgery (primarily
    extractions. help,please! haywire
  6. by   ENDOgal
    We use Medi-tech computer documentation. THis makes things so much easier. IN Short Stay Surgery we have a quick to the point pre/post assessment. Address pertanent areas
  7. by   razzmataz
    Hey ENDOgal, do you guys use diprovan in your endo unit? Just wondering, how long do you keep pts post procedure if you do use it?