1. I am a Certified Nurse Assistant and I am doing online training at home for Medical Assistant. I know it will not certify me but it will give me the skills I ned to know whern working for a medical office. I need to find a place of emplyement in Macon, Georgia for a non certified med. assistant. HELP! My sister in Chjattanooga ,TN, works for a Malfacual Surgical Specialty and she is not a Certified but she has the title of Medical Assistant. Give me ideas on how to go about this even though I am not certifed. I do not plan on sitting in a classroom and having deadlines. I dont like the pressure of a classroom. I would rather learn at my own pace.
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  3. by   PNCC2001
    It's not clear by what you mean about not liking the "pressure" of a classroom. Working in a medical office is not without "pressures". Although there are medical offices that may hire un-certified medical assistants, there may not be any that are willing to hire you without any "hands on" experience. Check the requirements of the medical offices in your area; and then talk to your sister to find out what steps she took. I'm sure you would not want to be the first patient that an MA gave a shot to; took blood from, etc. That is what you get from the clinical experience of a campus-based program and externship. Although CNA's learn some of the things that MA's do, such as medical terminology and some anatomy, you will learn much more in an MA program. You may want to think about if being an MA is what you really want to do.