How's your job?

  1. I don't see much posing at this site. Surely there must be many more office/clinic nurses out there. I'd like to here about your day, what it entails, what stresses you etc. Why have you chosen this area of nursing? Thanks
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  3. by   Vailgang
    I am not sure how to describe a typical day in our office. I work for two neurosurgeons and I am also the office manager. There are two people that work in the front office. Our office is very busy. I don't mind the busy but with recently new office staff it can become overwhelming.

    Scheduling seems to be one of the biggest stresses in our office. It is difficult to squeeze in patients when there just isn't any place to squeeze them into. Also we deal with worker's comp and the nurse managers demand that you see their patient and there in NO spot to put them into. Scheduling is difficult in our office.

    I don't like being the office manager because I hate conflict and not very good at being firm. I tend to be a multi-task person so when I have someone who is not, it is hard for me. Many people want to work their eight hours and go home. I tend to view it when I get my work done then I will go home.

    It is difficult for me to take time off because of our small office staff so I miss events in my kids life that I wish I could attend. I feel guilty when I do take off.

    I like working in the office. I have worked there two years this week. My doctors are both really nice and we get along which makes it nice. I have never had a boss that I liked. I choose the office because of the schedule, no holidays or weekends. I am glad I made the change. It is a bummer getting home sometimes late but it all works out.

  4. by   Kayzee
    Thanks for responding Vailgang. Good to hear you like your job, even though hectic at times. I am taking a position in a clinic. Internal Med. I also liked the idea of no week-ends or Holidays. Figure I could do pool at times, since I am taking quite a pay cut in new job. Just was wondering what your day was like. Again..Thanks.