Fun, Small, Gift Idea

  1. Today I made a cute card for my doctor and just wanted to pass it on.

    I took a x-ray envelope and turned it over. I wrote, Dr. ____
    Your schedule includes some of the following patients. I then taped two pieces of jerky and wrote (a variety of jerks) and then put on some air heads, nerds and then wrote beside two small packages of nuts (some are just plain nuts). Then I wrote I hope inspite of it all I hope you can snicker and laugh (laffy taffy). Then I wrote from your sweetheart of a nurse.

    It took just a few minutes and wasn't costly and made the doctor laugh a bit. It could also be made for the office staff as well as they have to put up with the patients too. I hope that you kinda get the idea. You put candy items for the words. I did buy a small bag of pork skins and was going to put, don't let them get under your skin but there wasn't enough room on the card.

    If you all have any other ideas I would love to hear them. I would like to make a card that has small items on it but haven't worked that idea out.

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  3. by   gwenith
    Me I just make my own chocolates and truffles and take them to work on a regular basis. Doesn't hurt that i have this strong belief about alcohol and chocolate - they belong together. Certainly improves harmony in the workplace.
  4. by   darla80
    Cute idea Jill

    It would be great to work with you!!