East Bay Surgery Centers???

  1. I just relocated to Concord, CA and I am currently looking for job opportunities at any Outpatient Surgery Center, but it's proving to be quite overwhelming. I have about 6 yrs outpatient experience and 4 yrs critical care, any help, leads or encouraging words would be greatly helpful!!
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  3. by   jenlynnrn
    Anybody out there
  4. by   brownbook
    Hi, I work in an out patient surgery clinic in the east bay.

    Where, if anywhere have, you applied? I don't know if where I work is hiring, I am per diem per my choice, they may hire per diem staff....it could work into a full time job for you?

    I know they like staff willing to work late shifts. It is out patient surgery but so many days run over time into the late evening, there is always talk about hiring someone (again maybe per diem) to help with occasional busy/late days, to 9 - 10:00 pm on occasion. Again get your foot in the door, these "yucky" hours could eventually change to more regular hours.

    We also have occasional over night patients, from twice a month, to 2 - 3 times a week, it really varies. Again a way to get your foot in the door if you were willing to take this shift on occasion. (I would be clear that you are willing but if you don't get moved to "days" eventually you will look for another job).

    We also do GI procedures. And there are some GI only clinics in the area. Have you applied there? Pre-op and post op GI clinics are similar to out patient surgery.
  5. by   jenlynnrn
    What surgery center do you work at? I feel like I have literally called every outpatient center within 20 miles of Concord, including GI clinics and eye clinics, nobody is hiring. I am actually looking for per diem work and would def work late if they needed me.
  6. by   brownbook
    As I said I have no idea if they are hiring. Aspen Surgery Center in Walnut Creek.
  7. by   jenlynnrn
    OK thanks. Do you like it there?
  8. by   brownbook
    Yes I do. I have floated to several sister out patient surgery clinics in the area. I am easy going and very flexible. I have liked every where I have worked.
  9. by   jenlynnrn
    That sounds like me lol, hopefully I can get my foot in the door somewhere soon! Thanks for replying, moving is very difficult
  10. by   iluvmusak
    I hope that you are having some luck in getting your foot in the door in a surgery center. I just saw a posting on Craigslist for a PM/overnight RN - Per Diem Pre-Op/PACU RN (PM/Overnight). I work in one of Aspen's sister facilities in Walnut Creek but as far as I know, we do not have any openings. Good luck!!
  11. by   jenlynnrn
    Thanks, I actually did find a surgery center to work at per diem. I did send out applications to the Aspen surgery center, what is the sister facility? Is it Sequoia Surgical Pavilion? I only ask bc their applications looked exactly the same Thank god I don't have to work the overnight shift, been there, done that!
  12. by   iluvmusak
    Yes, I work at Sequoia. What surgery center are you at? I'm glad you were able to find something. It's a tough market now.
  13. by   jenlynnrn
    It's a very tough market right now, wow! The surgery center is Premier SC, they seemed pretty nice and busy so hopefully I will get some hours! Sequoia looks very nice, I drove by it the other day, def would not mind working there!