Did you know what specialty you wanted first or just stumble on it?

  1. I know I want to work in ambulatory care rather than hospital nursing. I've worked in lots of different settings-- free clinics, travel medicine, and radiation oncology outpatient clinics. I have loads of interests-- palliative care, immunization nursing, internal medicine, dermatology, neurology. For me, the type of work and the setting is what is most important. Did you all know what type of nursing you wanted to do or was the ambulatory clinic type work your main priority?
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  3. by   *LadyJane*
    Yes, I just stumbled in. I applied, not really expecting to get the job, but the doc and I just clicked immediately. I never intended to stay, and it's been a big adjustment for me, since I like doing "tasky" things, but we really can get to know the patients, the doc is absolutely wonderful to all the patients, and also she is a complete gem to work with. We plan on moving into a gorgeous new building soon, and I am thinking I might stay here for years and years. Just because of how sweet this lady doc is. It wasn't my dream job when I applied, but it is really wonderful working with her. I am so lucky. Lots of people don't just adore their docs or NPs or PAs. I certainly lucked out, that's for sure!
  4. by   MissIt
    I read all of these stories on here about awful docs/nurse managers/NPs, etc. I have had such wonderful luck with the people I've worked with. The NP I'm working with now is the most selfless person I've met in my life! You're right, it makes a huge difference.
  5. by   mel100204
    I stumbled into mine. Coming out of nursing school I knew what I didn't want to do. After doing 1.5 years in med/surg nursing there was an OR position available and I wanted out of med/surg, so I figured I would give it a try. It so happened that there was another RN orienting at the same time in the operating room and I was given a different orientation schedule that involved orienting to pre-op, PACU, endoscopy and then concentrating in the OR. It was the best thing. Not only did I get experience in all of those areas, I was able to get a taste of everything and it has made me so much more marketable. I've been in surgical services for 6.5 years.