Am I ready for Family Med?

  1. I was recently hired to work as an LPN in a (very large) family medicine clinic. They are a very huge health system with a long training/orientation period. I am worried I do not have the skills they think I have.

    I have a year of experience at a rehab facility, but it is kind of atypical. I started passing meds and really basic stuff. I continued to work with/under a RN. Nobody had time to teach me anything. The UM was stretched thin, so I was given a position as her assistant, doing care plans and weekly quality assurance stuff.
    They gave me a specific narrow set of skills and nothing more because that is what they needed. I liked my job, but I wasn't going anywhere.
    Basically, I am so nervous that they are going to expect too much too soon.
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  3. by   CrunchRN
    You will be fine. I did it with no RN experience. Triage is the hardest to learn.
  4. by   WiscoLPN
    I love this job! I feel so excited to go to work. They are really good at making sure I am capable and don't "abandon" me. I am only on day 4 on the floor and have basic rooming down so they are letting me fly solo with that. Tomorrow I tackle our "inbox" procedure, for refills and other communications. RNs handle all triage, so I won't have to worry about that.