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Hi everyone,

I just read a thread where the majority of the nurses have chosen to change careers. I honestly don't want to spend a huge amount of good money and time (college) working for something that I won't eventually stay with till retirement. I'm sure the majority of you feel that way as well. Although I truly think being a nurse (anesthetist to be exact) will make me emotionally as well as financially happy in the future as a single parent. But the problem is I find I am also attracted to the business side of many professions. Just something about the business aspects of things turns me on! Well, CEO of a major business firm sounds good to me, but the mothering, sympathetic me wants to "change peoples lives for the better"; not sheets, but lives. I want people to be comfortable and happy to trust me in aiding them through delivery/surgery. I want to become a nurse anesthetist......or should I drop that dream and major in Marketing or business administration? MOST important thing to me is being financially well off but having time with my child(ren). I know I could work part-time as a CRNA and do that.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated...thank you very much.


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Business, definitely.

cactus wren

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Go for the MBA...sounds that it would make you happier in the long run

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You seem to be a little more enthusiastic about the business degree. Go for that one.


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I have a MBA degree that I am not using right now because the business world is very demanding. I was a broker and decided that the stress of it was too much plus if you add all the hours that I worked I was problably making less than $35 per hour, granted I was making over six figures a year. As a result, I have changed my career path and am working on becoming a CRNA. This career path of nursing allows me the chance of being my own employer. However, I have to work at a critical care area for a year (I chose NICU because I did not like working with adults during my rotation) after graduating from nursing school. After that getting my nurse anesthesia degree, I plan to work for a hospital for about a year, then either look for a partnership position or work on my own. Good luck with your decision.

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