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Amarillo College ADN Spring 2017

Any AC student's out there? Surely its not *just* me. Many likely have connections and are from the area, however, I have nobody and am not from the panhandle. So...

Have you turned in your application?

How did you feel about your HESI exam/score?

Is this your first time applying to AC's nursing program?

Do we get credit for classes we've already taken? Do we still have to audit them?

Somebody? Anybody?

Hey!!! Im a little late, I just now saw this post! I have applied for the ADN program that starts in the spring. Did you ever submit your application? I submitted my application a couple days after I took the hesi, so November 5th, i think. The test was more nerve wrecking than it should have been lol. They build it up to be really hard, well at least the math they do and it wasn't too bad. My scores were as follows: Math 90% Vocab 88% Reading comprehension 82% for an overall average of 86%. That reading really got me lol. This is my first time applying to the program here or anywhere for that matter, and these next couple of weeks waiting to hear back to see if I got in is killing me!!! hahaha Where are you from? is this you first time applying?

Finally! I was thinking the other day how surprising it was that nobody had replied, so glad you chimed in.

We may have been in the same exam setting? My HESI was on November 3rd and I submitted the application the next day. I was the girl "freaking out" because my login info wasn't working. Not my proudest moment, lol. :blink:

This was my first time taking the HESI, my scores came in at 90% overall. Math 90%, reading comprehension 90%, and vocabulary 92%. Which is good, but I have been a nursing student before at TTU almost 4 years ago, where I failed 2 classes in the 2nd semester. I wasn't ready but charged on anyway to finish college. Looking back I really messed up by not taking nursing school seriously enough, I thought it could be breezed through it like I did the prerequisites. Around a year ago I got my CNA license, but this is my first time trying to go back. It would be dumb to hope AC does not weigh my previous poor judgement, nor would it be fair. I can't help but wonder how heavily it will be weighted though... Anyways, I completely agree about the HESI sections; I really felt lost at the beginning of the reading portion and had no clue what the first huge passage was about. The 3rd edition study booklet is honestly how I passed!

I started out waiting patiently to hear back, but that is starting to wear off. Haha! Do you know when we are supposed to be notified? Also, what day is boot camp supposed to go be? And again, so happy to see another AC hopeful on here!

Hey so I thought I had replied but I guess it never went through. Basically I just said that i didn't think it would effect your chances of getting in the program, the fact that you had failed out of another program at a different school. Crossing my fingers for you and me to get accepted. I was told it would be on the 15th or the 16th of december but when I called last week they told me it would be after the 16th, so Im not really sure how soon we can expect to hear from them. Hoping it is this friday though! Good luck and I will keep you posted on what I hear!

That's okay! I caved and e-mailed the ADN assistant a couple of days ago, and she said today (the 16th) sometime around or after 5pm. She also said it was due to evaluating the incoming grades from the fall semester. Which makes sense, I didn't even think about it since I didn't take classes this semester. Anyway, be checking your e-mail this evening! Good luck! I'll let ya know one way or another if I'm in.

haha yeah I caved in yesterday and called. I told myself I wouldn't call until today but my nerves were getting me. they told me the same thing. So Its just a matter of hours. Good luck to you!! crossing my fingers.

I can't believe it... I am in! Really hoping you are too, fingers crossed!

Side note, they were pretty efficient. My acceptance letter was in-boxed at 4:39pm, I am impressed! Haha!

yay!! congrats!! I also got accepted!!! So at about 3:30ish I started stalking my inbox hoping that maybe they would send out the emails early. at about 4:30 I finally convinced my self to do something productive to make the time pass. I checked at about 4:45 and there it was! Pretty stoked. Congrats to us both! can't wait to see what the next 2.5 years has to offer.

Awesome! Congratulations! I am excited and nervous.

I may or may not have been checking my e-mail all day yesterday, *just in case* :sarcastic:

Btw, check your pm's on here.

Hi, may I ask what was your overall GPA when you applied?

I've been trying to get into nursing schools but its difficult down here in the dfw location. I dont mind relocating and have been looking at the schools up there.

Of course! I had a 3.6 GPA upon application.

There is no judgement here, so let me ask you a few questions:

What schools have you applied to?

What classes are your lowest grades?

What is your GPA?


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