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Am I Out of Luck?

I was in a part-time BSN program for the past two years (It's a three and a half year program). I didn't pass Adult Health I in the Fall of 2015 and the school allowed me to retake the class in the Fall of 2016. However, while I was sitting out, I discovered I was pregnant. I had my daughter during the first week of the class which caused me to missed two exams and three clinicals. The school advised me to withdraw from the course since I had a lot of work to make up. I agreed because I didn't want to fail out of nursing school but the downside is that I will have to reapply to the whole program if I want to go back to that particular school.

My main concern is will a school consider me since I have a D the first time I took the course and the second time around I withdrew. The rest of grades in nursing school were A's and B's but we know what one D or F can do to your record.

Plus, I have already accumulated a lot of student loan debt from my first bachelor's degree (speech pathology) and starting my last nursing program. So, I'm wondering if I should go the ADN route now or maybe LPN. I really have the passion to be nurse but I am undecided which direction to go.

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Do you want to be a RN or an LPN? If you want to be a RN then you should take the chance and apply for admission into an ADN program. Since there's no reason to settle for less than your intended goal.

Thank you for responding. I would really rather be a RN especially since that was my starting goal. I already know of one school that will not accept me because of the D. I'll just have to apply and see what happens.


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