Am I getting taken advantage of?


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I've accepted my first contract on Telemetry in Richmond, VA. The pay is only $25 an hour. That's less than I made at home as a staff nurse. And I have seen that my assigned hospital pays per diem nurses WAY more and that my particular unit is posted an URGENT NEED on the hospital's website. I'm an RN too.

Doesn't this seem low? How do I avoid getting ripped off?

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Yes, that is extremely low, unless you are getting an astronomical amount for your housing stipend....

To avoid getting ripped off, do a LOT of research before accepting an assignment. If a recruiter is offering too little, find a different company that will pay you what you're worth.


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I agree with ERRN, unless you are getting a huge housing stiped or tax free money, that's really low.

Have you already signed the contract? If so, having an assigment under your belt will only add to your marketability. If not, I'd probably look around for another assigment and/or company.

I have never worked on that side of the country, but I personally would be thinking more into the low to mid 30's/hr at least......especially if it's a critical need.

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Oakie's right- for that area, I wouldn't take any less than $30-32/hr, in addition to free housing, free insurance, travel/licensure reimbursement.....

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