Am I eligible to apply to CRNA school? (MSN Bridge Acute Care NP graduate)


I have been looking into CRNA school, and the requirements for most schools include a BSN. I graduated from an MSN bridge program and am an Acute Care NP, but do not have a BSN.

Will CRNA schools still accept me?


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I think the MSN will trump the BSN. I have a bachelors in another field and did a direct entry nursing masters program. I am starting school in August, so I'm sure you'll be OK. Good luck. I found all nurses to be a good resource for questions when I was applying.


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There are lots of people in your shoes. An MSN should make you much more marketable than someone with only a BSN! I think you will be fine. I called , but these seemed adamant about having a BSN- which makes no sense, so I would try to appeal that. It's possible I was told wrong by the secretary too.


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I have only really looked at VCU and ODU since I live in VA, but both schools say BSN on their page as a minimum requirement. But of course a MSN would be more than the minimum right?

I was choosing between doing a master's entry or an ADN/BSN program and emailed VCU's program director to ask if that MSN with no BSN would suffice and they said it would. I believe their website says they would even take a BS in chemistry or another applicable field. Like if you had a BS in hard science and then got your RN from an AD program. But don't quote me on that. Could not confirm that when posting this.

Not sure about ODU, but I don't see why most schools would not view the MSN as exceeding the minimum requirement.


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I have an MSN and was accepted to 3 CRNA programs. No BSN.