Am I doomed??


Hello!! I would like as much feedback as possible, as I am very nervous!! I found out earlier this month that I was accepted into the ADN program at my school...and I am ecstatic!! I have worked so hard over the last year to get all of the pre-reqs complete before beginning the program (except for 3 classes). I have been able to maintain a 4.0 GPA which has definately not been the easiest at times...I will begin the program in August and along with the beginning nursing classes I will have to take Microbiology and the lab...there is absolutely no way around it. In order to enter the second sem. of nursing school that class must be finished. I guess I am hearing a lot of negativity, because everyone says that taking that class with the first sem. of classes will be impossible. Is it really that bad?? I mean I know that A&P and Micro are two totally different classes...but as far as just learning a lot of material, is it really that different? and if so, what is different? I ended up with a 102 avg in A&P 1 and 105 avg in A&P2...I guess time is just counting down and I am getting nervous....any advice??


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Micro is mainly learning about bacteria and viruses, etc. How to differentiate between them, being able to identify bacteria under a microscope, etc.

If you did that well in your ANP classes, you should be fine in Micro. Some of the stuff is the same, like cell structure, things like that.

Does your nursing program go year round or do you have summers off? If you have a break between semesters, I would recommend squeezing Micro in at that time if you can. It's easy enough taken by itself.


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:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeatI took A&P and Microbiology during my first two semesters of nursing school and I did just fine. I'm not sure what nursing classes your taking but I'm sure you'll do fine. . you seem like a very smart girl to be going into your nursing program with a 4.0.

Don't let other peoples opinion of classes scare you. . . maybe it was impossible for them because they made it that way. There are people that don't dedicate the amount of time and effort into studying but expect good grades. . and then when they don't cut it. . they blame it on the class.

Don't worry . . .because it won't get you anywhere. . .go in on your first day prepared and just stay ahead of the game. Don't just study before a test study something every day. I was given this information from my first day of nursing school and never really did it. . .until my last semester. . . after a lecture. . . .go home and study your notes and study daily. . . it will keep the information fresh in your brain until you commit it to memory. GOOD LUCK :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat

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Don't let other peoples opinion of classes scare you. . .

Wiser words were never spoken.

On many occasions I've been told how hard was a given class or instructor or that it was impossible to get an A. Each and every time I've managed to pull an A. I've learned not to take anybody else's opinions on such things too seriously. Everybody in my microbiology class were complaining about how hard it was and how impossible were the tests. Of course, myself and a couple of other folks did extremely well.

Don't worry about what other people say, just go get it done.

For what it's worth, I didn't feel like micro was any more difficult than anatomy and thought it was quite a lot easier than physiology.

No, I don't think you're doomed.


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I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind all are 100% right! I guess it's just getting down to crunch time, and everyone has these "stories" to tell. Have a great day!!


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Don't go into it negative. I feared Micro, but guess what I made a B!! Just study and don't stress. If tutoring is available take it, and always read ahead


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You'll be fine, especially with those A&P averages. Micro is so darned interesting, it almost doesn't feel like work. (I SAID "almost". LOL) Just stay on top of the assignments, get ahead where and when you can, and you should be fine. Tune out the negativity nit-wits. :chuckle

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I agree that you should not listen to what you hear about classes. Students in nursing school sometimes say things to scare off others, as least this is what I've seen. Just give it your best shot......Micro wasn't my favorite class but I did just fine!!


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I think that Micro was one of my favorite classes. It is so interesting and you learn something new every day! There will always be those people who try to hold you down, only to pick themselves up. BE STRONG, stay positive. I am sure you will do fine!


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I had heard such horror stories about micro, I was dreading it. Guess what? I LOVED the class. Of course, having an awesome instructor helped, but almost everyone enjoyed the course, and I know I was far from being the only one to finish with an A. You'll be fine if you just continue to study the way you have been doing--your GPA speaks to that. And congratulations!


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I thought micro was a lot easier than A&P. It will make the nursing program harder, but it is doable.

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