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Hello all!

This morning we had clinical at a long-term trach care center and I enjoyed it! I suctioned three people and got to do trach care on one of them, and the RT I was with was so patient and willing to teach and incredibly caring toward the patients. It was the first time I have felt confident on a skill by the third patient I suctioned. The other girls though didn't seem to like it. They were upset that they seem to be causing pain to the patient. I guess I was glad to see them be able to breathe easier and that overrode the pain. Of course I wasn't the one feeling the pain! But maybe I was wrong, but the patients I suctioned didn't seem to be in a lot of pain while the suctioning was going on and kept asking to be suctioned again. Am I crazy for liking this type of work and does the suctioning cause a lot of pain for clients? What do you all think??

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I think you are excited about mastering a complicated skill--and no I don't think you are crazy. Its extremely normal (especially as a student) to get excited when you feel like you are actually "doing" something {start IV's, suction, draw blood, give shots... I could go on and on}

And suctioning is not "painful" exactly, but it is uncomfortable, and I doubt ANYONE would want it done if it weren't necessary!

Keep your enthusiasm and hope its catchy!!:)


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I agree with WV_nurse. Suctioning is not painful, but quite uncomfortable. However, it's worth the temporary discomfort to breathe better. Glad you've learned a good skill. One thing I should pass on...which is what I do...hold your breath while suctioning a patient. Patient can't breathe either, so you get an idea of how much can be tolerated. :). Suction only when pulling it out too. 1st time I did suctioning, I was more scared than the patient could ever be. LOL.


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I am glad that you found a skill that you really enjoyed doing. When I was nursing and when I was in school, I hated fooling around with the trachs. This way if you work on a floor with trachs, you and another nurse that did not like them could trade out tasks so that she could do something that she was comfortable with and you could do trachs. It works out well like that.

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