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Am I crazy to hoard jobs?

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Hi all! I have a dilemma on my hands and well, I was hoping I could get your input.

I have applied to many jobs as an LPN. So far I've declined 3 due to low wage, employer not paying for orientation, shift type, and long commute. I am an RN student starting my final specialty in August. I had accepted a per diem position with a home health agency, but I haven't even gotten word of when to start. I have contacted the person responsible for assigning cases and even the headquarters. No dice. I went to another interview for a job that seemed per diem but it's actually full time. I'm on the fence about it because the job description is pretty laid back, but they pay per patient and not hourly even if I'm doing the charting. Then the last job I'm hoping to get is with PSA in order to gain experience and not lose my nursing skills. Help! Which one should I consider? Two per Diems (PSA and the first home health) or the other one? I also have an interview for ANOTHER per diem position tomorrow. I don't want to "collect jobs", but not having heard from the three facilities after they mentioned contacting me after I filled out tons of paperwork is disconcerting. Any advice?

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You need to focus.

You're in the application process. You don't have an offer yet.

No more interviews or applications for now. Stop and analyze the pros and cons of the positions you have applied for.

If and when you have a written offer , you will have cleared your mind.


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