Am I Competitve enough?


Hi. So I am a pre-nursing student at a Community College and am wondering if my current grades will be competitive enough to get into a program. I will begin to apply to nursing schools in about two more semesters. I know that a lot of students taking care of their pre reqs start to feel a lot of pressure to maintain their high gpa(a's) in almost everything.

So far these are my pre-req grades

A- composition 1 & A in composition 2

A in Intermediate algebra and A in College Algebra.

A in General Biology 1 and A in General Chemistry 1

A- in Public Speaking A in Nutrition.

A in Anatomy & Physiology 1

B- U.S. History 1

B in Statistics

B in Spanish 1

I still have to take general psychology, Life span and development, A&P 2, and Microbiology, I know it's important to get great grades in those last 2 sciences and even psychology. But will my current "B's" and future "B's" heavily impact me getting into a program?


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It depends on the program honestly. Some programs consider your grades and your grades only. Other programs take work experience, volunteering, having a CNA, an interview, TEAS testing, ect, into consideration. Also, some programs are more competitive than others. My BSN program only considers GPA and will take 3.9s and higher. However the LPN & ASN programs at our community college nearby requires a 3.5 and a very high TEAS score. It honestly just depends on where you want to go. If you want to go somewhere competitive- I suggest re-taking those B's and turning them into A's. Some programs only take your Pre-Req GPA into consideration as well!

Good luck :)


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Keep working toward As in the classes you have remaining. Slow down the pace to give yourself the extra time to study, if necessary. So far, you're doing okay, but of course, the higher your grades, the better.

Good luck!


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I appreciate the feedback. I still have to take the TEAS and HESI as well, before I apply. I am volunteering on the Close Observation Unit at a local hospital and will probably have about 150 to 200 hours of volunteering done before I apply. I think next semester I will switch over to part-time status, and do 2 to 3 class a semester.

Thank You.