Am I committing career suicide as a new-ish nurse?


Hi everyone,

I have been working as an RN for 1.5 years now, and was very lucky to obtain a job right out of school in saturated California. Most of my experience was in LTC/Rehab where I practiced my nursing skills (lots of assessments, managing PICC lines, IV meds, medication passes, wound dressings, foleys, PEG/JPEG tubes, tube feedings, ventilators, etc.)

I have always wanted to work with kids, and I now work at a pediatric clinic where I do heavy phone triage, room patients, take vitals, obtain health histories/do some assessments on walk-ins, administer medications/and lots of vaccines, occas. foleys, assist with procedures, deal with all lab work/tests, and educate patients and families. It is a very busy clinic but it can be routine.

I am learning a lot about the field of pediatrics and have gained quite a lot of skill with dealing with anxious parents and children, a long with the technical aspects of the job. Although I really enjoy my job, one day I am looking to further my career and obtain an acute care job, perhaps inpatient pediatrics. Is this possible with my outpatient experience? How would you advise me from here to further my career? How soon should I do this before I "lose all of my skills" and become undesirable to hospitals? Is there a future in ambulatory/outpatient nursing? Thank you all for your time!

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I think the experience you have now might be good enough. I have zero experience in what the CA market is like, here in the SE, you could get a job in a heartbeat.


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I believe your experiences would be good enough! You will never know until you try applying.

I have only rehab experience and subacute pediatric experience and I was offered a job in the PICU with less than a year experience in a saturated area. So it does happen!!

Also if for your question about what can you do to advance in outpatient/ambulatory care: you could further your education and become an FNP. You could also go to a surgical outpatient and even get your first assistant and help with outpatient surgeries.

There's so many opportunities out there, I don't think you are creating career suicide. Good luck!


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Thanks, that gives me hope! It is nice to hear others' experiences/successes, very motivating. :)