Am I in the clear?

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So had DWI charge, TX, got pre trial intervention and eventually charges dismissed. 

Had a lawyer representing me, turned in my renewal which updated a month later showing I have an updated unencumbered license. So it seems my license is good now and my lawyer said I am okay, the only thing is on the BON portal it still shows as processing. Unlike my previous renewal that says approved. Does that mean anything?

I am just worried because that could mean maybe they have not fully processed my renewal and could discipline me, and I do not want to be in TPAPN. 

please post your outcome. Im on the same boat right now and feel sick to my stomach already ? 

I am in the same exact situation. Please keep us posted on any updates. I will do the same.
Just applied for renewal in Connecticut and had to self report a misdemeanor DUI. I am still active and unencumbered at moment with a new renewal date posted for next year. But... I have a feeling it takes a bit for them to catch wind of it, thus I feel like disciplinary action will be coming my way soon and I'm not getting my hopes up. 
looking forward to hearing back from you 

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