Am I Already Burnt-Out?


I have been graduated from my BSN program for almost a year (December), and I will be at my first RN job for a year in January. I am on a "traditional" schedule...every other weekend- which makes for a 5 day week every other week and 12 hour shifts. I love where I work, I love my co-workers. I work in a LTAC hospital where the patients stay 2+ weeks with us. I love the environment, never really had any problems with any co workers or charge nurses, and not even management. I really just have had a hard time adjusting to my schedule, I hate with a PASSION that I have to work every other weekend. I'm a newlywed, want to have a kid sometime after the first of the year. I just have a lot going on in my young life right now and I'm just feeling really down about stuff at times, I feel like I'm missing out on a lot for some reason. I have gotten to where I dread going to work on the weeks that I have to work weekends...

I dread going to work sometimes at all. Am I experiencing burnout? I do all of the things we were told not to do when we started as a nurse. I dont take care of myself, I dont exercise like I should, I FEEL depressed and I know I dont enjoy activities like I used to. Has anyone ever felt this way? My main reason for asking is I just need validation that it's not just me. I need some pointers on what I can do to help myself gain my love for being a new nurse back.

I appreciate any thoughts, I just really appreciate the chance to vent sometimes (my husband doesn't always understand the mental, physical, and emotional work that goes into an average 12 hr shift. LOL)

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I think you already know that self care and work life balance are key to feeling more energetic and upbeat. Is there anyway you can take steps to eat healthier and add some routine exercise? Even making small changes like eating extra vegetables and going for a short walk can give you a boost.


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Sometimes there can be an ebb and flow to life such that although nothing in particular is going "wrong," it can leave one feeling along the lines of "Is this it?" I'm not sure your feelings are essentially nursing-related.

You've done a lot recently - you made it through school, passed the boards and found a job you enjoy, completed orientation and have been working long enough to perhaps develop a modicum of comfort in your work. You also had the whole decision to make a marriage commitment and the lead-up to your wedding! Meanwhile you have future plans that aren't ready to come to fruition just yet (starting a family). Can you see how, relatively speaking, this might kind of be one of life's natural "lulls" you are experiencing right now? Perhaps it simply feels odd that life has "settled down" a little?

There may be more to it (with regard to your physical and emotional health), but regarding the ebb and flow I'd say it's good to not give the "ebbs" more significance than they're due, if that makes sense. In other words, if you can, enjoy the good things until life brings you to your next big thing. Take time to be grateful and just appreciate the things that deep down you do appreciate. Meanwhile, do take some positive steps with regard to "self" and general well-being.

Take care ~