Alzeimers Facilities pay more?

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I'm a new CNA working for a month now at LTC night shift for $9 an hour, no shift differentials, and i'm friends with a coworker who has been working there for 3 years and she told me they still have her on the same salary as when she started, which is 9.

I love the facility, I get along fantastic with my coworkers, and adore my residents, but the money is atrocious.

A nurse gave me a tip that when she was a CNA she started working for an alzeimers facility that payed her $3 dollars more than LTC plus she had shift differentials, so she was making 14 and was still a new CNA.

Can anyone confirm this? I don't want to get apply at more facilities that will just pay me the same as the LTC that i'm comfortable with atmosphere wise.



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It really just depends on the facility.

Around here, it tends to be the private facilities run/owned by a church that pay the most. I made 11.70 at an LTC before I moved. Now I make less than 9 at a children's home, but I'm happier working there. Dementia units around here tend to pay the same as the regular health care units.



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I work in dementia care, and make the same as I did in regular long term care. Though the ratio of aide to residents is usually better. I generally have 9-10 residents on my run in the dementia facility, and used to have more than that at other places I've worked.

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Yea it really depends on the facility. I work @ a dementia facility & I make 11.16/hr...started out @ 11/hr. No shift differentials or weekend differentials..I think the pay will get better once you have a year of experience under your belt, but since you are fairly new CNA, the pay will not be good.

Yep. I work in a LTC facility and just recently I've been working almost exclusively in their dementia/Alzheimer's unit. They didn't give me a raise for this. I started at $7.62/hour until I was certified as a CNA, then the pay went up to $9.62. Big whoopee. We have 2 aides for 12 residents, so the pace is not quite as back-breaking as it is in the resident halls, but you still have the same addition to the stress of dealing with the particular behaviors that dementia residents will have.