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Always looking for my niche/happiness


Has 6 years experience.

I need help.

I feel like every every job I do I'm looking for my niche and what makes me happy.

I am a BSN RN. I worked in a nursing home, family practice clinic, utilization review, employee health and I am back in a family practice clinic. I left family practice the first time because I wanted to get into case management and was advised to try utilization review first. I did UR which was NOT for me and I missed patients and so I was able to get into employee health. From here this felt like high level baby sitting and I missed patients and learning so I went back to family practice.

So so here I am. Feeling like I still don't have my niche and constantly wondering if nursing is even for me? I work full time m-f and constantly wonder if I can go down in hours because of the stress and anxiety. It got me thinking, is nursing for me?! What if I get an associates in business? Go further wtb a science degree? Maybe an MBA?


Been there,done that, ASN, RN

Has 33 years experience.

Jobs are not designed to make you happy. You have had four fabulous opportunities, in four years, no less. Niches take time to find.

If hands on with patients is what you want, consider home health or hospice.