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Altierus (everest college)

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anyone have heard altierus? They bought out everest college and now non profit. They are nationally accredited but not regionally accredited and has full approval from the Nevada board of nursing. Their pass rates (Nevada) is also pretty good.

My question is, if I decide to go ahead and pursue this ADN program, would I be able to do an rn-bsn bridge? The concern is coming from the school only being nationally accredited as opposed to regionally accredited.

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Just in looking at their website- they push you to a certain loan provider. I know they seem to be non-profit, but boy howdy is that a big red flag for me. Everest's quality reputation was iffy at best.

Lack of regional accreditation will be a barrier to RN-to-BSN programs in the future.

Well funding was never a problem for me. However the accreditation scares me as well. But most of the rn-bsn bridge online have been nationally accredited as well and lacking regional so I'm not sure what to think.

Everest here in Henderson has always had a good reputation. Actually my friend who works as a nurse at a hospital (who got her rn out of state) says that most of their nurses are everest grads. Maybe our area was one of the lucky ones that actually had good education program?

Also does the ACEN accreditation not count? Just wondering. I'm still new to figuring out accreditations

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Specializes in NICU, ICU, PICU, Academia. Has 44 years experience.

Use the Search feature (upper right hand corner) and read a couple threads about accreditation. There is some really helpful information there.

ACEN accreditation IS a good sign- and your experience with Everest grads is helpful too. We have a for-profit here in IN that dies a good job- Harrison. So there ARE some good ones (although Everest had the WORST reputation on a national level)

Good luck!

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