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What other careers have nurses gone into? Thinking of making a change.


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Me TOO! I'm done with floor nursing. I just can't change the system (all by myself) and I don't have the personality to deal with the BS. My ethics have been trashed for too long.

I am looking into EMR (electronic medical records.) But I know little else aside from the catchy title.


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I guess this depends on if you want to stay in healthcare or leave totally. Honestly, if I was going to change careers I would open a nursery and spend all day with plants.

However, if you want to stay in healthcare there is lots you can do- work for health insurance, pharmacy rep, research, teaching (in my state anyone with a Bachelor's degree can be a k-12 teacher), and informatics (computer stuff). My mom is a health information manager and apparently the government is investing lots of money is EMR and data management.

Good luck!

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I would recommend that you consider in what ways you might practice nursing that does not involve the acute care hospital setting. You have paid a lot of money for that education and now you have experience, which is priceless. Perhaps you simply need another venue or specialty within nursing to find your passion?

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