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Hi all

I have (so far) missed out on a NetP place in my city (along with over 30 other people). I'm still seeking a NetP placement and have a few options there. I'm currently looking at what other options there are... So far I have come up with the following list (is there anything I've missed out?):

* working at my current job (in mental health) and hopefully move up to registered nurse positions (but this is not guaranteed full time)

* aged care (would have to choose carefully to ensure I'm not put into an unsafe position)

* agency work (again choosing carefully - same reasons)

* Plunket (if a job actually comes up for an RN in my city)

* NZ Blood Service (as above - very long chance but book marked the page anyway)

* trolling the local paper as well as Seek and Trade Me (often some practice nursing positions)

* some completely random combination of the above

If I don't get into NetP this time round, plan to reapply for next year, however I'd like to make sure I've got all my bases covered for this year. So, what have I missed in all this?

PS Moving out of town is not currently an option, so that rules out applying in other centres or in Oz for me, although other classmates are


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hi there,

did you end up finding a placement? apparently there are a lack of NETP placements considering how many nursing students there are! its scary really... they say theres a "nursing shortage" yet the DHBs dont have the money to take on new staff. Interested to see where you ended up?


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heya guys! I'm so confused :( please enlightened me lol :) I am in yr 3 Part A. sitting state on 15th Nov. 2011. Now, I am gong to apply now or wait until I'm on my Part-B or after passing the state? your thoughts please? thanks :)

P.S. Hello misscherie. Thank you for your private message. I did received it but I can't reply. Your message was actually the first one that I receive so I'm still in the process of putting my head around in this site. Please keep in touch. Cheers!:)


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Specializes in mental health + aged care.

Nope, didn't get NetP but I think I've actually ended up better off without. Will have a postgrad certificate by the end of the year and am about to start in AT&R within a DHB that said I needed a minimum of one year's experience. I'll start with them after only 9 months (got the job on 8 months experience but had to give notice for my old job). The only one's of my classmates who will have a postgrad certificate this year are those who have done mental health and that certificate doesn't actually count towards further educaation.