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Hi - I've have many years of Critical CARE nursing working through out the US. For the past 5 years I've had my own business in Aromatherapy & Reflexology as well as an Instructor teaching applied aromatherapy classes.

Does anyone know of advance acredited nursing degree programs in alternative medicine?

thanks in advance

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These aren't specifically advanced nursing degrees, but you could do a masters program in Oriental Medicine (MOM) or a doctorate in Oriental Medicine (DOM). You might check out the website for Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. They may not have a school near you, but it would give you some idea of the possible advanced degrees available in alternative therapies. I've got a friend working on a MOM at PCOM in Chicago right now. She's loving it.

I'm currently working on my ADN in Wisconsin. I'm planning to get a BSN, and then I'm considering the MOM program also. I would be interested to know what you find, and what you decide. Best of luck to you!

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If you haven't done it already, you may want to browse the Holistic Nursing forum (under the "Specialty" tab toward the top of the page) -- there have been some threads there now and again discussing which schools offer nursing grad degrees with a focus or emphasis on holistic nursing. That is probably as close as you will get within nursing, since the modalities you work with are separate disciplines outside of nursing.

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