an alternative to care plans - can you help

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I manage an elderly service in an NHS Trust.

We are looking to move away from care plans and develop `life plans` for those with an organic illness. I would greatly appreciate any information you may be able to share with me.

What are life plans and how do they differ from care plans?

Hi there... here is a Canadian version that may be of some help. We have gone to computerized charting that also has taken care of the care plans as they really are not needed. Be sure that you check with standards of practice and the legalities. But with our "standards" we assess the person x1week then we have what their "normal" is. Then using charting by exception we only chart on any deviations from the standards. We need to be careful to include any behaviours as these cannot be standards. It is a little bit confusing I know, but if this sounds like the sort of info that you are looking for I can go into more detail. Good luck in your search. smile.gif

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