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Alternate for Cerritos, how's the teas test?

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Hi everyone,

I'm really new to this site but I saw so many people gave great responses so I joined. I just received a letter from Cerritos College for an alternate position for the upcoming 2011 spring semester, I guess if the ones chosen don't show up? They also gave me a date for the teas test. My question, what does this mean ( maybe students who had the same situation can fill me in). Am I an alternate pending my teas score and if I score high enough does that mean I'm accepted? Or am I just in the lottery pool now. I did apply last application and they did send a rejection letter but now I recieved this letter? Just curious.

Also, for those who have taken the teas test, what did you think about it, what was hard and what needs to be studied for a good score??

Any help would be greatly appreciated, this whole applying for nursing school kind of sucks!! Especially the waiting..:)

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