Already have a BA and can't decide if I should do ABSN or ADN? Already completed prereqs..


So... I was 100% convinced that I should do an ABSN because it could be faster, but then I started looking into ADN programs. I saw that they about 1.5 years to complete, but since I have already taken a lot of the prerequisites for an ABSN (like A&P, chem, statistics, and developmental psych, which are also classes that are part of an ADN program), then it would probably only take me half the time to complete, or probably even less (as long as they didn't make me retake the classes, which would be weird...).

Therefore, I could become a nurse sooner, it would be much cheaper, and then I could work on doing an RN-BSN a little while later and, hopefully, eventually BSN - FNP.

Can anyone give me advice? What would you do? I really am not sure.

make you look into the programs that you are interested in very carefully --- usually the nursing classes are offered in a particular order and you must take the course(s) when offered.... so in general if the program is scheduled to be completed in 4 semesters that exactly how long it will take you..

Yes you may have all the other co-reques (A&P, micro, stats, etc) that simply means that you will be taking fewer hours during that quarter/semester when your classmates are taking that class.


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Yeah that's what I was afraid of, and I'm sure you're probably right about that. Well... I'll find out on Monday for sure! Ugh.