Almost at my 1 year experience Mark as a Psych RN, thinking about Traveling. Help!

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So I would really like to do some travel nursing and stay with in the psych field. My questions are in relation to the amount of jobs out there for travel psych RNs, and what happens if you find yourself at the end of a contract and there are none available or no one is choosing you? Are you just S**** out of luck? No work for a while? I realize traveling would be easier if I was a highly saught after specialty but I like pscyh and it's where I want to stay. I also love traveling though and would really like to mesh the two if possible without ending up broke and jobless. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


yes you are SOL in that case. That is why you should have a profile with multiple travel companies and keep them updated on your preferences. Pysch RNs are not in demand, so if its mostly HCA where people dont want to work LOL

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Most travel nursing agencies require a minimum of 18 months experience to two years as well. You will be limited with one year experience. Have you worked acute care, med surg, even LTC at all? Otherwise, you may be able to land a position in corrections, but you are limited.

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