Almost Quit yesterday!


I set the appointment for 1:30 and only cancelled the appt at 12:00! I just felt like I couldn't handle it anymore. I got a LOT on my plate and knew that going in, so I am not feeling sorry for myself. Trying to homeschool six kids, well five as the littliest is only 4 yo - I work from home for a doc in MA (I am a transcriptionist) and study and clinicals. I was just ready to drop. I am the oldest in my class (I'm 44) and I feel like I can't keep up like the younger ones in their 20's do.

Thankfully, my husband and my one instructor encouraged me to push on, so that's what I am doing.

Work of advice to students who have NOT started YET - it is hard. You DO need to practice time management and your life will end except for nursing school. Make sure you know that's the reality, but keep the prize/reward in your head! I keep picturing graduation and my kids and husband and friends cheering me as I receive my lamp and pin. That keeps me going. Well, and the fact that I have a college education to help pay for in two years lol. My oldest is 15 and a sophomore!


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Keep your head up! Our program consists of ladies and gentlemen ages 18- over 50! Your are very right time management is HUGE. A family and husband can definitely add to the stress load. GET THEM INVOLVED! Perhaps have your older children help the younger children with school work, divide up chores maybe even assign them to making dinner from time to time. Or have the hubby do a little more around the house.

Take time out for yourself, get out of the house go to the library or somewhere by yourself and study for a few hours set a schedule the whole family can fallow. You may loose some sleep but in the end as you said it WILL all be worth it When you've earned your pin & lamp and your kids and hubby see how all your hard work paid off they'll really be proud of you for it :nurse: