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I have tried looking on the ANF Victoria website for the pay scale and allowances paid to Victorian nurses but can't find the details I want (perhaps due to the recent negotiations on pay rates)

I am a new graduate and get my VERY FIRST nursing pay packet this week (how exciting) but wondered where I could get hold of a list of 'allowances' as I have so many

Do you get paid extra for working Saturday's and Sunday's?

Do you get an allowance for doing a Late followed by an Early?

etc etc.

Any responses would be most appreciated...cheers



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Congratulations on the imminent arrival of your first pay!

First off - the EBA has finally been signed, and public sector rates are now available on the website ( within the members' section.

Shift allowances are $21.20 for PM, $49.50 for ND or $57 for permanent (> 6 consecutive weeks) ND.

There are also allowances for post-grad qualifications ($36.70 - $68.80/week depending on the level of qualification; the area must be relevant to your field of practice). There are laundry and uniform allowances but I've never seen them and don't know how that all works.

Division 2 nurses have lower shift allowances, and are entitled to a change of shift allowance of $29.70 if their shifts are changed after the roster's posted.

Hope that helps :)


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Sorry, I forgot to say that weekends are paid at either time and a half or double time, I can't remember which (I really should know this but my head's full of school stuff!).


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Thank you - have now printed off the allowances from the ANF website. The allowances certainly make the (fairly average) hourly rate more attractive.

I think I will frame my first payslip - for me it represents my achievement even more than my final certificate does!

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